Jul 17, 2017

Summer Time Tag

Hi beautiful people, I know I haven't been active lately. I have been busy with some family stuff and my laptop stopped working , currently I'm using my sister's laptop. 

Anyway here is a summer tag that I've seen a while ago on youtube but I decided to do it anyway.

Are you a summer person?

What is your favorite thing about the summer?
The feeling it brings with it

Do you stay indoors or outdoors more in the summer?
Depends on the day

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Dark Chocolate

What is your favorite summer clothing?
Dress and jump suit

Beach or Swimming pool?

What do you like most about the beach?
The sand and the beauty of it

What is your least favorite thing about the beach?
Also sand, it can get in really uncomfortable places 

What is your favorite summertime song?
Latino in general 

Favorite summer time movie?
I don't have one , I mostly watch action comedy.

What is your favorite summertime restaurant?
Ice cream shop, does it count?

Do you or eat out more often during the summer?
Actually I don't , I rarely eat out.

Do you party a lot during the summer?

What is your best summertime memory?
Every summer , my brother, sister and I spend at the beach house.

What is your funniest summertime memory?
Scared both my sibling while they were playing video games in the middle of the night

What annoys you most about the summer?
the heat

Do you spend more money during the summer?

Do you prefer to keep longer or shorter hair in the summer?

Who do you usually spend most of your summer with?
My sister

Where would you go for your dream summer vacation?
Bora Bora. That has always been my dream. 

You are all tagged to try it ^^

Anyway, i hope you like it and i would totally love to see your answers 

Hope you guys have a nice day and don't forget to subscribe to my blog and bloglovin

Love Sara