May 29, 2017

Moroccan beauty secret

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Argan Oil : Argan oil is one of the most popular beauty treatment to came out of Morocco and it has been bottled, sold, and used all over the world and for good reason. Argan oil possessed incredible properties that help keep skin fresh and hydrated , as well as prevent premature again. It's great to use all over your body, on your face, and on your hair.

African black soap : Moroccan black soap, also known as beldi soap, is the core of a traditional North African hammam ritual. Its exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing properties make it a favorite skin-enhancing beauty product. Pair it with the Kessa glove to get the most out of this soap.

Kessa: An effective body exfoliate. Get rid of your dead and dull skin by using the Kessa mitt (an exfoliating glove). The Kessa is the second most important element in the hammam ritual, it should be combined with black soap (sabon beldi) during a hammam ritual for effective results.

Ghassoul : Ghassoul (pronounced rassoul) is a mineral only found in the beds beneath the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It's 100 percent organic, hypoallergenic, and jam-packed with magnesium, calcium, and potassium. When mixed with floral water and applied to the skin, ghassoul absorbs excess grease and eliminates impurities deep down (like, real, real deep). It can also be used in your hair to add shine and increase volume.

Green mint tea : Not only is green mint tea delicious, it also contains high amounts of antioxidants, making it a powerful anti-wrinkle, anti-scar beauty secret. Mint tea can help clear up skin disorders such as acne. Also acts as a mild sedative and has calming properties. (I may make a post special for the benefits of Moroccan tea.)

Rose water : Rose Water is astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and has many benefits for health and beauty. It works perfectly as a cleansing water and as a natural toner . It also adds radiance, keeping your skin even-toned and beautiful.

Saffron : The Elizabethans and Moroccan steeped a little saffron in milk overnight and applied it to their faces, adding a few threads to their (occasional!) baths to work as a natural toner. Homemade beauty aficionados can try adding a few threads of saffron to pure honey for a luxurious face mask that can help make skin brighter, smoother and more radiant.

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